The Arrest Process for DUI in Contra Costa County

No driver expects to be stopped for Driving Under The Influence (DUI), so most people are unprepared when pulled over by law enforcement.  Being stopped for DUI can be a traumatic and embarrassing experience.  By reading the information outlined below you can save yourself or a loved one from a very stressful and aggravating experience.
People arrested for DUI are usually taken to a police station and then to the County Jail.  There are several jails in Contra Costa County. If you are trying to locate someone who has been arrested, you will need to have that person’s full name and date of birth to make your search easier. 

Release Following Arrest

When a person is arrested, he or she may be released on their written promise to appear in criminal court to face their DUI charges. However in some cases, a person will only be released from jail when they post bail.  Bail is an amount of money or property posted with the court as security to ensure the arrested person’s appearance. 

When a bail is required, finding a bail bondsman is necessary.  A bail bondsman provides the bond to ensure the court appearance of the arrested person.  DUI attorney has good relationships with bail agents and may be able to obtain the services of a bail agent at a substantial discount.  Therefore, it makes sense to contact John Smith prior to contacting the bail bondsman.

Hiring an Experienced Contra Costa County DUI Attorney

Hiring a competent and trustworthy DUI attorney is a crucial step in the criminal process. A Contra Costa County DUI lawyer can protect your rights and inform you of your legal options. DUI attorney John will thoroughly investigate the conditions of your arrest and represent you during your court and DMV case. John will also provide the resources and aggressive DUI defense you will need to successfully fight your DUI charges in Contra Costa County.

Confiscation of a California Driver’s License

When a person is taken into custody for DUI the officer will confiscate his/her driver’s California driver’s license. The officer will give you a temporary permit to drive. A person then only has only 10 days to schedule a hearing with the California Department of Motor Vehicles to contest their license suspension.  Do not be in denial about your DUI case! Failure to schedule a hearing will result in an automatic license suspension.

Arraignment in Contra Costa County

Shortly after DUI charges are filed against a driver, an arraignment is scheduled. Additionally, the DUI attorney can appear on your behalf at an arraignment. This will help you save time and possible embarrassment from having to make a personal appearance in court.

At that time the person must enter a plea of “not guilty”, “guilty” or “no contest.”  When a person pleads guilty or no contest, a sentence may be immediately imposed by a judge.  The judge may also set release terms and set future court dates at the arraignment.  Remember, a person is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  There are numerous defenses available for DUI arrests.  By working with a skillful DUI attorney, a person can greatly increase the chances of building a strong defense against a DUI conviction.

Proving Their Case

Most people assume all is lost just because a breath test result is a .12, or a blood test result is a .15, and that your case is not worth fighting.

In the criminal justice system, the prosecution bears the burden of proof.  That means that in order to get a conviction, the prosecutor must convince a judge or jury that you are guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In California, all 12 jurors must be convinced in your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If even one juror votes “not guilty” the jury is hung and the case is usually dismissed.

Although the following four specific aspects are used by the Prosecutor to gain a DUI conviction, they can be disputed to get a DUI dismissal. Compare the aspects to the four wheels in an automobile. If any of the wheels are faulty or missing, a car will not go very far.  An accused should be acquitted if there is reasonable doubt regarding any aspect of the case. A skilled and aggressive DUI attorney will challenge the four aspects to help you get your DUI charge dismissed.

Driving Pattern

The driving pattern that a police officer usually reports is incomplete and one-sided. They only note things that the driver does wrong. An expert DUI attorney can point out things that his client does right and how the driving pattern was consistent with sobriety.

Physical Symptons

This may appear at first glance to be compelling evidence of guilt; they are usually an opportunity to point out what a poor job of investigation was done by the officer. Often an officer will emphasize red, watery eyes as a symptom of impairment yet failed to ask the driver if he/she is fatigued, has allergies or if there is any other reason for red eyes. An odor of alcohol on the breath can also be misleading. Police officers often face embarrassment when they are forced to admit that it is the mixer in the beverage that has an odor and not the liquor itself.

Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs)

This is one of the easiest aspects to be thrown out by a skilled lawyer. These random, biased administered physical exercises have nothing to do with driving skills.  It is reasonable to understand that a person’s agility suffers when nervous and forced to perform roadside gymnastics. This especially true when an armed, uniformed officer has ordered him/her out of the car in the middle of the night.

Chemical Testing

In order for the results to be accepted, they must first be proven to be accurate and reliable. Even if the machines used in the DUI arrest are working properly, all the regulations regarding testing were observed and if the numbers are indeed accurate, there are still issues relating to the alcohol level at the time of driving. This is the most important piece of a chemical test in a DUI case. It is possible to scientifically demonstrate that someone who is a .12 at the station was really a .06 while driving. Factors such as drinking pattern, stomach contents, absorption rate, time of drinking, time of driving and time of testing will be investigated by a skilled DUI attorney.

Contra Costa DUI Attorney

­­­­Do not be in denial or assume your case is lost without first consulting with a knowledgeable DUI attorney! Mr. Smith has been helping people charged with DUI in Contra Costa County for 10 years. DUI attorney John Smith has the education, training and experience to defend you against a DUI.  He will also schedule and represent you at the DMV hearing.  Do not ignore the ten-day deadline given by DMV.  Contact John at 1-800-555-1234 to retain the services of a knowledgeable and trustworthy DUI defense lawyer.


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How to Identify the Top 7 Resume′ Lies

The best way to identify the top 7 resume′ lies is to do a thorough background pre-screening of all prospective employees. Ideally, an employment pre-screening should be left to a professional employee screening company that has the experience and skills to perform a thorough employment background screening, including a criminal records search, through a pre-employment firm such as Accu-Screen.

When the job market is tight and applicants are desperate for work it is not unusual they will lie about:

  • Job Title (Rank)
  • Dates of Employment
  • Inflated Salary
  • Criminal Records
  • Education (e.g. Bogus Degrees-Diploma Mills)
  • Professional License (e.g. MD, RN, CPA, etc.)
  • “Ghost” Company (self-owned business)

Job Title (Rank)

The main reason candidates embellish a job title is to promote themselves into a senior position. Rather than work their way up the ranks they give themselves a promotion, which is usually attached to an inflated raise. A thorough reference check will usually reveal these self-promoters.

Dates of employment

Some errors involving dates of employment are understandable, others questionable.

When an employee is caught adding years to his tenure at a company this raises issues, such as the reasons for shorter tenure and the possibility he is covering “employment gaps.” In this situation a thorough reference check will reveal any inconsistencies.

Inflated Salary

One of the reasons employees inflate their salaries is because it is difficult to get a salary verification from past employers due to confidentiality issues. Sneaky employees are aware of this and use it to their advantage. A match against the verification of past job  titles through a reference check will help catch this type of job applicant.

Criminal Records

One of the main reasons job applicants will sometimes lie about their criminal history is fear of a rejected job application. They will lie regardless of how petty or serious the crime was.

A more serious reason is the actual covering of criminal activity with the intent to repeat the criminal behavior in a new position. Examples may be a daycare applicant who has been charged or convicted of molestation or the accountant who stole from a previous employer. It is important that all employees go through a criminal background screening.

Education (e.g. Bogus Degrees-Diploma Mills)

Graduating yourself seems to be a popular lie on resumes′. Other times the applicant has basically stolen another person’s identity by “borrowing” information on a resume′. It is important to verify an educational background so that identity thieves are avoided.

Professional License (e.g. MD, RN, CPA, etc.)

Just as some applicants are “graduating” themselves, they are adding unearned titles to their names. This will usually go hand in hand with the “bogus” diploma or fake education on the resume′. It is doubly important for an employer to verify education as avoiding this step can land an employer in court and in huge financial trouble due to negligent hiring lawsuits. This is especially important in the medical field.

“Ghost” Company (self-owned business)

A “ghost company” is a made up company or employer by a job applicant. It is added to a resume′ or job application to appear more experienced or to cover gaps in an employment history. Some applicants will use “ghost companies” to cover up gaps of employment due to incarceration. A criminal background screening is needed to uncover this possibility.

Identifying the top 7 resume′ lies

According to a survey, only 5% of workers actually admit to fibbing on their resumes, but 57% of hiring managers say they have caught a lie on a candidate’s application. Hiring a pre-employment background-screening agency is one of the best ways an employer can help avoid:

  • Unethical employees
  • Financial loss
  • Employees with a criminal background

Contact Accu-Screen today at or (800) 689-ACCU (2228) to learn more on how they can help you save time and money by recruiting honest and skilled employees.




California Diesel Fuel Class Action Attorneys

With the recent confirmation by the World Health Organization (WHO) that diesel engine fumes can cause cancer in humans, millions worldwide will now know the serious health risks in breathing in diesel gas fumes. Understandably people will be concerned about their health.

The lawyers at the Los Angeles law firm Owen, Patterson & Owen are ready to assist people with their concerns and questions about the effects of diesel gas fuel. The law firm of Owen, Patterson & Owen was retained by plaintiffs claiming to have health problems due to diesel gas exhaust fuel.  For over 30 years, Owen, Patterson & Owen has served Southern California and beyond. The lawyers at Owen, Patterson & Owen have obtained countless millions of dollars for victims of personal injury. You can be assured that we can help protect your rights at the time when you need it the most.

The Symptoms and Health Hazards of Diesel Gas Exhaust Fumes

For years The American Lung Association of California (ALAC) has known that diesel gas fumes cause a variety of symptoms and serious health problems. But now WHO has confirmed what was suspected all along–diesel gas fumes are highly toxic and can cause lung cancer.

Many people may be wondering what symptoms to look for and if they have a case. The website for the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) in conjunction with ALAC indicates, “Exposure to diesel exhaust can have immediate health effects. Diesel exhaust can irritate the eyes, nose, throat and lungs, and it can cause coughs, headaches, lightheadedness and nausea. In studies with human volunteers, diesel exhaust particles made people with allergies more susceptible to the materials to which they are allergic, such as dust and pollen. Exposure to diesel exhaust also causes inflammation in the lungs, which may aggravate chronic respiratory symptoms and increase the frequency or intensity of asthma attacks.”

Symptoms of exposure to diesel gas fumes vary. Before you dismiss any health complaints that may be associated with diesel gas exhaust fuel, contact us to discuss the details of your complaints. People who may be most affected by diesel exhaust fumes include, but not limited to, truck drivers, mechanics, homeowners living next to freeways, firemen, railroad workers, construction workers, equipment operators, military and boat pilots.

Almost any person exposed to diesel exhaust fumes due to work or other reason is at risk. The elderly and children are especially susceptible. In a press release issued by the WHO, Dr Christopher Portier, Chairman of the IARC working Group, stated that “The scientific evidence was compelling and the Working Group’s conclusion was unanimous: diesel engine exhaust causes lung cancer in humans.” Dr Portier continued: “Given the additional health impacts from diesel particulates, exposure to this mixture of chemicals should be reduced worldwide.” For more information about this announcement visit

Owen, Patterson & Owen

If you believe you or a loved one is suffering from health issues caused by exposure to diesel gas exhaust fuel, you may have a personal injury case. In cases that involve multiple victims, a class action lawsuit can be filed. The attorneys at Owen, Patterson & Owen can help you determine if your case has merit and how to best protect you rights through the legal system. Contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation at 800-676-5295 or

Dream Sexy’s Herstory

Back in 2006, Dream Sexy was quite literally a “sexy dream” of mine. My name is Lisa Newkirk and I own and run Dream Sexy lingerie and Dream Sexy lingerie parties. I have always enjoyed hosting parties in my home and girl’s night out. They were always such a fun way to relax and escape the hustle and daily routine of my corporate job back then. As fate would have it, I was having such a great time that one of my best friends suggested, “Hey, why don’t you do this for a living?!” The idea stuck but I needed to find a way to make the girl’s night out extra special. I wanted my private parties to be memorable and fun. Like many other women, another passion of mine was fun, sexy and romantic lingerie. I decided to combine lingerie with the private parties I was hosting with my friend and as they say the rest is “herstory”!

And speaking of stories, you never know what you will discover at a Dream Sexy lingerie party. I invited my mom to one of my first Dream Sexy parties. The game for the night was for each gal to write and put into a hat a secret sexy fantasy (wildest place or…). The group would then have to guess who wrote it. My mom (the most shy in the group) ended up writing the wildest fantasy! At first I had no idea, but soon realized my mom wrote the note and we all had a huge laugh. I never dreamt my mom could be so much fun!

Since then I have gone on to realize my dream of owning my own lingerie business while helping countless women (moms and couples alike!) help realize their sexy fantasies through intimate lingerie and accessories.

What is Dream Sexy lingerie?

Dream Sexy is best described as an assortment of sexy, flirty and romantic lingerie for the woman who wants to get in touch with her sensual side. Dream sexy offers intimate clothing to make you feel sexy and desirable. Some of our most popular items include flirty chemises, sexy corsets and lacy thongs.

We also carry sexy stiletto heel shoes and lace up and thigh high boots to accessorize your sexy outfits. There are a styles and sizes for a variety of tastes from the romantic and mysterious to bold and erotic. 

How do I buy lingerie from Dream Sexy?

The most fun way to purchase Dream Sexy lingerie is at a Dream Sexy lingerie party. The atmosphere is warm and inviting for gals and couples alike. You will be able to see and feel the lingerie all while sipping a cool drink of your choice. Dream Sexy lingerie parties can also be set to match any theme from bachelorette parties to couple’s theme parties. Many couples appreciate the opportunity to buy lingerie together because it gives them the opportunity to choose things together that both find comfortable and exciting.

For more information about Dream Sex lingerie parties contact me today at (add link with contact info here) and be sure to read Dream Sexy Lingerie Parties: Not Just Another Girl’s Night Out! (add hyperlink to this article)

How PDA Overuse Can Lead to a Repetitive Stress Injury

PDA overuse

In today’s modern office, employees rely on staying in touch with their supervisor or co-workers even when away from the office. The PDA is an excellent tool for this. But just like anything else, in excess it can outweigh the advantages. It is important to learn how to use today’s technology without abusing the body. The repetitive stress injury from a personal digital assistant occurs because instead of all your fingers, these devices rely mostly on the use of your thumbs for typing. This type of injury is nicknamed “Blackberry thumb” because of the popularity of that particular model of wireless personal digital assistant (PDA).

A group of highly skilled and experienced Chiropractors in Melbourne got together and founded an affordable way for new and old patients to get quality chiropractic care at affordable prices. By uniting in a network of Melbourne chiropractors they are able to keep costs down, while continuing to provide excellent chiropractic care. An office ergonomics consultant can teach employees how to prevent damage to their thumbs as well as other parts of the body such as:

  • Ankle
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Elbow
  • Hand
  • Knee
  • Shoulder

How PDA overuse hurts

One of the biggest disadvantages the PDAs is the repetitive overuse of the thumbs, which leads to injury. Any device that relies on the thumbs for typing can cause this type of injury because the thumbs simply weren’t designed for such use. The pain is caused by the inflammation of the tendon that helps bend the thumb. This is directly due to overuse of the thumb.

When minor hand injuries are not treated appropriately and promptly they can become chronic problems.  They can affect not only your job requirements, but also day-to-day activities and lifestyle.

How to get relief from PDA overuse

It is advisable to seek the advice of a hand physiotherapist if you have sustained an injury to your thumbs. Sydney City Physio offers the diagnosis and treatment of pain or injury. Physiotherapy is a health profession that involves the diagnosis and treatment of pain through physical means such as massage, exercise, heat and other methods. They can also offer equipment analysis through their office ergonomics consulting.

The fastest and easiest way tofind a good Chiropractor in Sydney by typing in your postcode into the “GET STARTED” search bar on your screen. Click on “what you get” to get a special online offer for just $49 ($175 value).

BMX Pros: Corporate Entertainment They Will Never Forget

BMX Pros: Corporate Entertainment They Will Never Forget

If you are looking for corporate entertainment that will keep your company on client’s minds, think beyond buffet dinners and mobile casinos and choose BMX Pros. When you book BMX Pros you will give your clients an experience they will never forget and something they normally would not do for themselves.

Why BMX Pros?

BMX Pros offers a unique extreme sports experience unlike any other. With BMX Pros you get breathtaking daredevil stunts performed by the BMX stunt team. These exciting performers often travel around the United States for major events, performing various different shows at each venue.  What you can expect from a BMX stunt show is two to three BMX stunt professionals and an announcer who will talk to your target audience while the BMX stunt show is in motion. The BMX stunt teams have honed their delivery into a fast-paced and action-filled event that will awe your audience.

The BMX Pros stunt shows are an affordable way to not only entertain your clients but create a great impression of your company. It will let your clients know that you are creative and think outside the box to achieve business goals.

BMX Pros venues

Booking a BMX Pros stunt show is easy through our state of the art Web-Site. You can book your event directly online, saving you precious time. Once the reservation is confirmed, you will receive an automatic 3 day reminder confirming your upcoming event. You will also be able to print your invoice and W-9 directly online for accounting purposes.

BMX Pros are available for a variety of venues in many locations throughout the United States.

Odds are we can attend your venue, whether you live on the West or East coast. Check out our SCHEDULE/TOURS page for more information about availability.

The goal of BMX pros is to give you the most outstanding event experience your clients have ever witnessed, with the least amount of effort. For more information contact our sales professionals today at 800-650-2453.

Santa Monica Personal Computer Repair

Santa Monica Personal Computer Repair

At Los Angeles Personal Computer Repair we will not be offended if you call our computer techs “computer geeks”. In fact we consider it an honor! We take pride in knowing that we can handle just about any computer need that you may have. We are qualified to help you with:

  • PC computer repair
  • Apple Mac repair
  • Laptop repair
  • Desktop repair
  • Virus removal
  • Replace bad hard drives
  • Backup or recover data from bad hard drives
  • LCD screen replacement
  • Reinstall or format Windows
  • Memory upgrades
  • Power supply replacement
  • Wireless install and repair
  • Remote computer repair
  • Offsite data backups
  • Email hosting
  • Web site hosting
  • Server repair
  • Networking
  • Custom build new computers and servers

 How can Los Angeles Personal Computer Repair help my infected computer?

The computer geeks (techs) at Los Angeles Personal Computer Repair can write the book on fixing computer problems.

We also offer consultations after treatment to assist you with:

  • Data recovery
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Servers and desktop machines and support
  • Supply and installation of new hardware and software
  • Network maintenance
  • Design and implementation of backup systems to protect data
  • Cost effective repairs of computers and support for software issues
  • Regular maintenance to check on antivirus
  • Microsoft security issues, spam removal updates and software update patches
  • Design and implementation of wired and wireless networks for home or office


Call Los Angeles Personal Computer Repairtoday at 323-655-7326 for more information about personal computer repair. We provide quick, reliable computer repair services in the Santa Monica area. We also provide service outside the Santa Monica area. Some of the areas codes serviced: 90015, 90029, 90059, 90067 and others.