State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct Many Attorneys are Ignoring

As an attorney, you strive to stay on top of following legal policy and procedure. But could you be guilty of overlooking your State Bar’s policy and procedure when creating your firm’s website?

Due to the increasing number of attorneys and law firms using the Internet to market and advertise their practice, complying with State Bar rules when creating an attorney’s or law firm’s website has become more important. Unfortunately, many website design and marketing companiesfail to comply with the bar rules in the state where the lawyer or attorney is licensed to practice.

How to protect yourself

A quick search on your State Bar site the can help you locate the specific policy and procedure advertising your law firm needs to follow in order to avoid sanctions by the Bar.

For example, CA attorneys can follow this link:

Carefully choose your legal copywriter 

Another way to decrease your chances of getting sanctioned by your State Bar is to hire a legal copywriter who has working knowledge of State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct. As a legal copywriter, I have working knowledge of State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct as well as providing SEO driven content that is Creative, Persuasive and Powerful.

Contact me today for an review of your legal website and higher rankings on Google and local web searches.


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