Oscar Goodman: The First King of Las Vegas

By Sabrina S. Siracusa and Tyler Morgan

King. Emperor. Ambassador. When it comes to linking him with this city, you can pretty much call him anything you’d like since one thing is for sure: Oscar Goodman is not only as “Vegas” as any casino on the Strip. He is Vegas. And after decades of service in Sin City he’s someone we still can’t get enough of.

And why is that? What makes people flock to and stare at the former criminal defense attorney and mayor? Beyond the impeccable fashion (that pinstriped suit, the pink tie) and how he carries himself (usually with a martini in hand), this city owes its character, in part, to Goodman and men like him, who lived through Las Vegas’ romantic decades often called the “Gilded Age;” a time when mobsters ran this town, drinking martinis and smoking cigars to soundtracks sung by Sinatra. Goodman was there through it all, and it was during those years that he arose as our “first king” so to speak. And speak…oh, boy, he has. Of Goodman’s goodly talents, his deepest may be his rep as one of our most humorous and animated tellers of local lore. Never too shy to share, he’s fascinating, and his stories leave you wondering what else is on his tongue. It’s a well-crafted allure that has served him well, along with the rest of us.

Summarizing the life of a man like Goodman? Not easy. So we invite you to sit back and enjoy our story. And to him we say, “Cheers! This martini is on us! read full article


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