The UNLV College of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, establishes the Lee F. Kramer Mechanical Engineering Award

The memorial has been generously funded the amount of $32,000 by family and friends of Kramer as well as vendors and customers of Xtreme Manufacturing and will support students majoring in mechanical engineering.  The award may be used for scholarships and support student design projects including but not limited to design competitions, developmental projects and student based projects.

Jack Aylor, Director of Development at the UNLV, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering, stated, “This is the first gift mechanical engineering has received for this purpose. The university considers it very important contribution for the department and students.”

The use criteria allows the fund to support the mechanical engineering program for scholarship and student research purposes as determined by the department chair and approved by the Dean on an annual basis. The first award is being used to support a research project, the Baja car, an annual collegiate competition for engineering students.  Students will be able to apply for the scholarship through an application process on the college website. They will be able to use the award for materials, travel and other related expenses.

Kramer was a program advisor to the UNLV College of Engineering and served as a judge for the department of mechanical engineering in the annual Fred and Harriet Cox Senior Design Competition.  He played an integral role in the development of the Las Vegas based Xtreme Manufacturing business serving as president before he passed away on January 2015 at the age of 67.

Lee F. Kramer was born in Waukegan, IL and graduated from University of Illinois in 1970, with a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering. He earned a Master’s in Business Administration from Lake Forest School of Management in 1983. In 2003, Lee joined forces with Don Ahern to develop the Fresno Engineering Design Group and later the creation of Xtreme Manufacturing, where he served as VP of Engineering.   Lee is survived by his wife of 34 years, Joan Kramer, daughter Jordan and son Justin and wife Kat.

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