Hit the Reset Button with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Just as the title implies, filing for Chapter 7 is like hitting the reset button on your favorite electronic device. Everything disappears. After your Chapter 7 is discharged, you end up erasing the debt that was once there. In order to qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the Fort Worth/Dallas region, you must:

  1. File a Chapter 7 petition.
  2. Pay your filing fee to the court clerk. There are waivers available for some applicants.
  3. Take a credit-counseling course approved by the bankruptcy court within 6 months of filing for Chapter 7.

While the initial process seems simple enough, the petition contains many forms that require a strong understanding of bankruptcy law. The court clerk cannot help you fill

out the forms. Once the forms are filled out appropriately and submitted to the bankruptcy court, an automatic stay is put in place that will immediately halt all collections efforts from creditors. This mean they will no longer be able to make harassing phone calls or place liens on your assets. In some cases, liens already in place can also be reversed.

Once your Chapter 7 bankruptcy is discharged, you are basically starting over with a clean slate. The debts are erased and you will no longer be held liable to pay them.

For more detailed information how Chapter 7 can help you start over debt free, contact Dallas bankruptcy law firm, Fears | Nachawati, toll free at 1.866.705.7584 or info@fnlawfirm.com.


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