sales letter

June 25, 2014

Dr. Joshua Martin

Director of Management Services

Police Activities and Training Association

111 Connecticut Ave. NW Suite 200

Washington, DC 20036


Dear Dr. Fraser:

As you know, the types of crimes being committed today are different from what law enforcement officers had to face 30, 20 or even 10 years ago. The approach many police departments use to solve and reduce crime has, in a way, become outdated. In law enforcement, being proactive is far more effective than reactive. But as Predictive Policing and Big Data continues to be accepted by more law more enforcement agencies, things will change. Cognitive Thinkers can augment your great methods already trained and proven – and help them become even more effective while preparing your law enforcement leaders now.

For over 30 years Cognitive Thinkers has developed and taught critical thinking seminars to corporate leaders. Some of our clients include Marriott, Citibank, Visa, IBM, IBM Canada, Schlumberger, Verizon, Technicolor, Southern California Edison, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Disney, Sony and many others. The result has been leaders who have been trained to handle a critical situation and end up with a positive and rewarding conclusion. We also have the tools to help law enforcement officers deal with and make best use of the avalanche of new Big Data products such as algorithms.

Cognitive Thinkers has developed courses designed to help law enforcement leaders acquire advanced leadership skills which will help increase department productivity, comradery and community satisfaction.

How Cognitive Thinkers critical thinking classes can help law enforcement officers get the edge

Training leaders for over 30 years and 10,000 proud alumni, Cognitive Thinkers has the tools to help law enforcement officials recognize, address, intercept and resolve problems and crime in the community they serve.For example, typically the initial thinking of an officer is a bit chaotic, because it is normally influenced and “colored” by the incident that took place. They immediately enter into a process of elimination, which is correct, but haphazard and not “al inclusive” and therefore working with partial information.

This is the typical approach followed in “fault tracing”, but where Cognitive Thinkers training can add value is to help the officer to first create a factual snapshot of the crime situation (incident) and then use the process of elimination thinking – this is called fault finding and a distinctive difference between fault tracing and fault finding.

Highly effective training at Cognitive Thinkers

The training is taught in two sessions, six trademark classes total. The first session, includes ThinkingWiseTM.This course will help your law enforcement member come to face with seemingly unsolvable situations and emerge with actions to address a crisis successfully. The second session includes PriorityWiseTM:This training class will help officers learn to consistently address 20% of the core issues causing 80% of problems and crime in a community.

Certificate of completion is awarded for each session. First session of training is a pre-requisite for the second session. College course credit is available.

For more information about Cognitive Thinkers services please visit us on the web at 

Flexibility is key at Cognitive Thinkers

In an attempt to accommodate the hectic and unpredictable work schedule for law enforcement and corporate leaders, Cognitive Thinkers training sessions have been designed to have:

  • Flexible Scheduling: Our commitment to flexible scheduling can accommodate any requirement and we’ll work with you to design a schedule.
  • Sustainable Results: When training is rushed, students learn and retain less. Therefore we divide content into smaller, digestible pieces and deliver on an easy-to-manage schedule.
  • Programs that Fit Your Budget: Our customized training solutions are designed to fit any organization’s budget.
  • Delivery Methods Tailored for a Broad Audience: We accommodate all schedules and learning styles including workshops, virtual live, blended CBT with 1-on-1 mentoring. All trainers are leaders in their field working with top-notch, accredited content.

At Cognitive Thinkers we may not teach combat techniques, but we will teach these highly effective methods to help an officer think smarter, quicker and safer to combat crime.




Janet Brewster, CEO

Cognitive Thinkers


P.S. Enclosed is the brochure on Cognitive Thinkers critical thinking courses. The classes will be geared towards resolving issues and scenarios officers may encounter. Please contact us today to help your law enforcement members get the critical thinking training needed to successfully improve relations in their department and in their community.

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