BMX Pros: Corporate Entertainment They Will Never Forget

If you are looking for corporate entertainment that will keep your company on client’s minds, think beyond buffet dinners and mobile casinos and choose BMX Pros. When you book BMX Pros you will give your clients an experience they will never forget and something they normally would not do for themselves.

Why BMX Pros?

BMX Pros offers a unique extreme sports experience unlike any other. With BMX Pros you get breathtaking daredevil stunts performed by the BMX stunt team. These exciting performers often travel around the United States for major events, performing various different shows at each venue.  What you can expect from a BMX stunt show is two to three BMX stunt professionals and an announcer who will talk to your target audience while the BMX stunt show is in motion. The BMX stunt teams have honed their delivery into a fast-paced and action-filled event that will awe your audience.

The BMX Pros stunt shows are an affordable way to not only entertain your clients but create a great impression of your company. It will let your clients know that you are creative and think outside the box to achieve business goals.

BMX Pros venues

Booking a BMX Pros stunt show is easy through our state of the art Web-Site. You can book your event directly online, saving you precious time. Once the reservation is confirmed, you will receive an automatic 3 day reminder confirming your upcoming event. You will also be able to print your invoice and W-9 directly online for accounting purposes.

BMX Pros are available for a variety of venues in many locations throughout the United States.

Odds are we can attend your venue, whether you live on the West or East coast. Check out our SCHEDULE/TOURS page for more information about availability.

The goal of BMX pros is to give you the most outstanding event experience your clients have ever witnessed, with the least amount of effort. For more information contact our sales professionals today at 800-650-2453.


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