June 14, 2012


Dear Friend:


I am going to show a unique way of advertising that is only available to a few individuals.

Many large corporations use it with great success, and now you can, too! It’s called Perpetual Partners Program.


As a former Marine, I was trained to always challenge myself. To work smart and to take things to a new level. As a result, I created Perpetual Partners Program to help businesses increase their profits with minimal effort. I believe it’s an innovative way to increase your profits effortlessly.


How Perpetual Partners Program literally works for you


The Perpetual Partners Program includes a mobile advertising unit that helps increase visibility of your business. For a relatively low fee, your company billboard will be driven all over town. The beauty of Perpetual Partners Program is that the mobile unit is always visible to any driver or passenger of other cars. Whether they want to see it or not! Every time the unit is being driven around or even just idling at a red light, people are stopped behind, beside it or walking in front of it. People you would not reach any other way will notice your ad!


Why traditional online advertising falls short


Traditional online advertising is fine, but it will only get you so far. The problem with only advertising online is two-fold:


  1. There is too much competition online to rely solely on this type of advertising. Consumers are bombarded with pop-ups and ads. Most are ignored.
  2. People typically search online only for things they are interested in or need. They get a sort of tunnel vision and rarely pay attention to other services and products.


By only using online advertising, you will wonder why your sales are decreasing, yet your marketing costs continue to rise. I guarantee you will be kicking yourself if you pass up this opportunity to increase your sales!


Continuous visibility is key to selling any product or service.


There’s a reason why big corporations have their logos all over their company vehicles. Think of it—how many times have you been stopped behind a McDonald’s truck and suddenly craved a Big Mac or French fries? The mobile unit works the same way. There is no reason why you can’t profit from this savvy business practice as well.


Think like big companies to make big money


The beauty of Perpetual Partners Program is that its mobile unit is always visible to any driver or passenger of other cars. Whether they want to see it or not! Every time the mobile unit featuring your ad is driving around town or even just idling at a red light, people are stopped behind, beside it or walking in front of it. They will notice your ad! People you would not reach any other way. Think of it, there’s a reason why big corporations have their logos all over their company vehicles. There is no reason why you can’t profit from this savvy business practice as well.

And no, you don’t have to own a big business to make extra money from this program. Once you read how the program works, you will see how easy it really is. It’s so easy that you will wonder why you did not think of it yourself. And while it may be simple, it does work.


Follow the big companies all the way to the bank


You are probably thinking this is just another fly by night marketing ploy. Yes, it is a marketing ploy—a highly effective one! One used by large corporations to continuously get the word out about their business. Now you can take advantage of the same technique, without the risks and expense that the big companies have to deal with. By using this service, you will not be burdened with the expense of having to pay for a new fleet of cars or trucks and their maintenance.


You are also probably thinking, why don’t more businesses use mobile advertising? Well, honestly I am not sure why because the return of investment is high. For a relatively low price you will get through:


  • Mobile unit constructed out of durable material. Visible day or night, rain or shine.
  • High visibility and promotion of your business
  • Effortless and constant marketing


Act today before someone else does!


Don’t let all your competitors take up space! Contact me today to find out how you can have your ad exclusively placed on the mobile billboard. These mobile units will be placed all over the US and Canada. You will get exposure to a vast population.Don’t delay as space is limited on the mobile units!


In order to maintain effectiveness of this service, I can only extend this offer for 30 days.


The mobile units are ready to go and will be in full swing by Summer 2012. Once we reach full capacity, the program will no longer be available at current pricing. In addition to great marketing of your business through the mobile units, Perpetual Partners Program will offer the following incentives to its partners:


  • Perpetual Partners Program will exclusively use services or goods of its members.
  • First right of refusal to renew agreement through Perpetual Partners Program.


You may be wondering—how do I get in on this? Reserving your spot is easy enough. All you need to do is read over the information attached, sign the agreement and pay the deposit. Three simple steps to help your business start making more money today!


Best of luck and success in your endeavors.




Robert McCuiston


Innovative Investments Inc.


P.S. Reserve your spot today. Fill out the no obligation form attached before space runs out.

If you decide not to follow through with the agreement, your money is refundable.
Say “YES” Now and Reserve Your Spot at Perpetual Partners Program!


Please check all that apply. (Remember, there is no obligation but please reply only if you are serious about this business opportunity)


       Count me in! Enclosed is my credit card information to reserve my spot as one of the limited participants. By sending this I am guaranteeing an interest to be in Perpetual Partners Program. I understand that, if after I receive more information, I chose not to participate there will be no charge against my card.

       I currently am not interested in this service but would like to receive updates on others like it.

       I am basically interested. Enclosed is a check for $?  to hold my spot in this business venture. By sending you this $  check I am guaranteeing a spot in Perpetual Partners Program. I understand that, if after I receive more information, I can then decline and receive my check back uncashed.



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Please return form to:


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How to Spot the Top 7 Resume′ Lies

When the job market is tight and jobs are tough to come by, applicants desperate for work will resort to lying about:

  • Job Title (Rank)
  • Dates of Employment
  • Inflated Salary
  • Criminal Records
  • Education (e.g. Bogus Degrees-Diploma Mills)
  • Professional License (e.g. MD, RN, CPA, etc.)
  • “Ghost” Company (self-owned business)


The best way to identify the top 7 resume′ lies is to do a thorough background pre-screening of all prospective employees. Ideally, an employment pre-screening should be left to a professional employee screening company that has the experience and skills to perform a thorough employment background screening, including a criminal records search.

Job Title (Rank)

 The main reason candidates embellish a job title is to promote themselves into a senior position. Rather than work their way up the ranks they give themselves a promotion, which is usually attached to an inflated raise. A thorough reference check will usually reveal these self-promoters.

Dates of employment

Some errors involving dates of employment are understandable, others questionable.

When an employee is caught adding years to his tenure at a company this raises issues, such as the reasons for shorter tenure and the possibility he is covering “employment gaps.” In this situation a thorough reference check will reveal any inconsistencies.

Inflated Salary

One of the reasons employees inflate their salaries is because it is difficult to get a salary verification from past employers due to confidentiality issues. Sneaky employees are aware of this and use it to their advantage. A match against the verification of past job  titles through a reference check will help catch this type of job applicant.

Criminal Records

One of the main reasons job applicants will sometimes lie about their criminal history is fear of a rejected job application. They will lie regardless of how petty or serious the crime was.

A more serious reason is the actual covering of criminal activity with the intent to repeat the criminal behavior in a new position. Examples may be a daycare applicant who has been charged or convicted of molestation or the accountant who stole from a previous employer. It is important that all employees go through a criminal background screening.

Education (e.g. Bogus Degrees-Diploma Mills)

Graduating yourself seems to be a popular lie on resumes′. Other times the applicant has basically stolen another person’s identity by “borrowing” information on a resume′. It is important to verify an educational background so that identity thieves are avoided.

Professional License (e.g. MD, RN, CPA, etc.)

Just as some applicants are “graduating” themselves, they are adding unearned titles to their names. This will usually go hand in hand with the “bogus” diploma or fake education on the resume′. It is doubly important for an employer to verify education as avoiding this step can land an employer in court and in huge financial trouble due to negligent hiring lawsuits. This is especially important in the medical field.

“Ghost” Company (self-owned business)

A “ghost company” is a made up company or employer by a job applicant. It is added to a resume′ or job application to appear more experienced or to cover gaps in an employment history. Some applicants will use “ghost companies” to cover up gaps of employment due to incarceration. A criminal background screening is needed to uncover this possibility.

Identifying the top 7 resume′ lies

According to a survey, only 5% of workers actually admit to fibbing on their resumes, but 57% of hiring managers say they have caught a lie on a candidate’s application. Hiring a pre-employment background-screening agency is one of the best ways an employer can help avoid unethical employees, employees with a criminal background and financial loss!