Ready to Learn Bilingual Study Guide press release


Bilingual Study Guide Makes it Easy for Spanish Speaking Parents

Bilingual Children’s Readiness Guide Helps Spanish Speaking Parents Prepare Their

Pre-K Children for the Classroom

Nancy Chupp, retired school teacher, is pleased to announce the release of her bilingual children’s study guide, “Ready to Learn” for Spanish speaking parents.

Sevierville, TN (Ezine)—Retired schoolteacher Nancy Chupp developed “Ready to Learn” for the 4-5 year old child which was especially designed for the parent/caregiver/volunteer. The program was originally in English only. Nancy Chupp had requests for Spanish text so she decided to put English and Spanish on the lessonsso that the parent struggling with English could have the Spanish translation. This program equips the caregiver/parent with a simple way to impart needed pre-kindergarten skills to their child in a fun and convenient way.

The “Ready to Learn” study guide follows a page-a-day format. The parent is given a very simple and easy tutorial in English and Spanish. They are learning how to teach needed skills and the child is internalizing necessary skills for a good start in school. Skills addressed are through experiences with the child’s senses of sight, sound, and touch. All teaching/learning experiences take place during normal household routines (doing laundry, doing household chores, fixing dinner or going to the grocery store). Each calendar gives the parent 3 simple daily exercises (10-15 minute total).

“I taught school for 9 years. Then I opened a small business. What I noticed in my bakery was that I had to approach the incoming employees with the same skills I learned in teaching. I had to be supportive and repeatedly reinforce basic task-oriented skills” said Nancy Chupp. “As a retired person with a never-ending love of teaching, I had time to focus on an education problem that I witnessed–lack of readiness for the classroom. I knew that if I could get this info into the hands of the parents it would give them a tool to help their pre-K child. I developed this program in English and was encouraged by teachers to make an additional program for the English/Spanish parent”.

The vocabulary and skills needed for a successful start in kindergarten are sprinkled in and repeated several times throughout the calendar year. Skills are taught through experiences with the child’s senses of sight, sound, and touch. Public domain nursery rhymes and songs are included throughout “Ready to Learn” to add fun and whimsy to the lessons. Nancy Chupp stated, “The readiness skills foundation had to come from the experiences of the child via their senses or sight, sound and touch.”

“Kindergarten, in my opinion, is the most important educational investment in the young child. It is the foundation of that student’s educational life. So, I decided that a page-a-day calendar (parental activity tool) would be my format. I am giving the parent a very simple and easy tutorial. They are learning how to teach needed skills and the child is internalizing necessary skills for a good start in school. The calendar also introduces food groups and incorporates daily exercise” said Nancy Chupp.

“Being a former teacher, I decided to compile a program as a tool for the parent/caregiver of the pre-kindergarten child. I wanted to put this information into the hands of the parent as a way to supplement the skills the child is being taught in pre-K” said Nancy Chupp. “From that dual focus (home/pre-K) a knowledge base and personal confidence is acquired by the student andthe struggling parent.”


Educators interested in learning more about the “Ready to Learn” calendar can visit or contact Nancy Chupp at  for more information.

The “Ready to Learn” bilingual study guide is a resource that reinforces the formal education of the classroom. It is a pre-kindergarten readiness skills tutorial that can be started at home any time. This tool readies the child to be ready to learn.

Media Contact: 

Nancy Chupp                                                                       

Cell Phone: 865-429-2627



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