Gulf War Veteran Shows Companies How to Roll Ahead of the Competition

Gulf War Veteran Shows Companies How to Roll Ahead of the Competition

Quite literally Marine Corps veteran Robert McCuiston has introduced a new way for businesses to roll ahead of the competition through his Perpetual Vendors Program. The Perpetual Vendors Program from Innovative Investments, Inc. is a mobile advertising unit that offers is that helps increase visibility of any business. For a relatively low fee, a company’s logo will be added to a billboard driving around the US and Canada. The mobile unit will always visible to any driver or passenger of other cars on the road.

McCuiston stated, “As a former Marine, I was trained to always challenge myself, to work smart and to take things to a new level. As a result, I created the Perpetual Vendors Program to help businesses increase their profits with minimal effort. I believe it’s an innovative way to increase profits effortlessly.”

The mobile units are ready to go and will be in full swing by Fall 2012 in both the US and Canada. McCuiston also stated, “Every time the unit is being driven around or even just idling at a red light, people are stopped behind, beside it or walking in front of it. People you would not reach any other way will notice the logos of the participant companies.”

In addition to highly visible marketing of a business through its mobile units, Perpetual Vendors Program will offer additional incentives to participants such as exclusively use services or goods of its members and first right of refusal to renew agreement through Perpetual Vendors Program. Once full capacity is reached, the program will no longer be available at the current pricing.

McCuiston thinks that traditional online advertising is fine, but falls short. McCuiston stated, “Traditional online advertising is OK, but it will only get you so far. The problem with only advertising online is two-fold: First, there is too much competition online to rely solely on this type of advertising. Consumers are bombarded with pop-ups and ads. Most are ignored. Secondly, people typically search online only for products or services they want or need. They get a sort of tunnel vision and rarely pay attention to other services and products.”

McCuiston believes that you have to think like big companies to make big money. Continuous visibility is vital to selling any product or service. He stated, “There’s a reason why big corporations have their logos all over their company vehicles. Think of it—how many times have you been stopped behind a McDonald’s truck and suddenly craved a Big Mac or French fries? The mobile unit works the same way. There is no reason why you can’t profit from this savvy business practice used by large corporations.”

The Founder of Innovative Investments, Inc.

Robert McCuiston, 51, is the chief executive officer, founder, and inventor of Innovative Investments, Inc. As a member of the United States Marine Corps, he performed maintenance of optical sights from 1980-1983. Additionally, McCuiston served in a civil service capacity as mayor from 1992 to 1997 for a municipality. He is nominally fluent in the Russian language, enabling him to manage the company’s operations abroad with the goal to maximize the return on all purchases and/or investments.

For more information about the Perpetual Vendors Program or Innovative Investments, Inc. please visit


Robert McCuiston can be reached at (970) 834-2268 or


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