June 14, 2012


Dear Friend:


I am going to show a unique way of advertising that is only available to a few individuals.

Many large corporations use it with great success, and now you can, too! It’s called Perpetual Partners Program.


As a former Marine, I was trained to always challenge myself. To work smart and to take things to a new level. As a result, I created Perpetual Partners Program to help businesses increase their profits with minimal effort. I believe it’s an innovative way to increase your profits effortlessly.


How Perpetual Partners Program literally works for you


The Perpetual Partners Program includes a mobile advertising unit that helps increase visibility of your business. For a relatively low fee, your company billboard will be driven all over town. The beauty of Perpetual Partners Program is that the mobile unit is always visible to any driver or passenger of other cars. Whether they want to see it or not! Every time the unit is being driven around or even just idling at a red light, people are stopped behind, beside it or walking in front of it. People you would not reach any other way will notice your ad!


Why traditional online advertising falls short


Traditional online advertising is fine, but it will only get you so far. The problem with only advertising online is two-fold:


  1. There is too much competition online to rely solely on this type of advertising. Consumers are bombarded with pop-ups and ads. Most are ignored.
  2. People typically search online only for things they are interested in or need. They get a sort of tunnel vision and rarely pay attention to other services and products.


By only using online advertising, you will wonder why your sales are decreasing, yet your marketing costs continue to rise. I guarantee you will be kicking yourself if you pass up this opportunity to increase your sales!


Continuous visibility is key to selling any product or service.


There’s a reason why big corporations have their logos all over their company vehicles. Think of it—how many times have you been stopped behind a McDonald’s truck and suddenly craved a Big Mac or French fries? The mobile unit works the same way. There is no reason why you can’t profit from this savvy business practice as well.


Think like big companies to make big money


The beauty of Perpetual Partners Program is that its mobile unit is always visible to any driver or passenger of other cars. Whether they want to see it or not! Every time the mobile unit featuring your ad is driving around town or even just idling at a red light, people are stopped behind, beside it or walking in front of it. They will notice your ad! People you would not reach any other way. Think of it, there’s a reason why big corporations have their logos all over their company vehicles. There is no reason why you can’t profit from this savvy business practice as well.

And no, you don’t have to own a big business to make extra money from this program. Once you read how the program works, you will see how easy it really is. It’s so easy that you will wonder why you did not think of it yourself. And while it may be simple, it does work.


Follow the big companies all the way to the bank


You are probably thinking this is just another fly by night marketing ploy. Yes, it is a marketing ploy—a highly effective one! One used by large corporations to continuously get the word out about their business. Now you can take advantage of the same technique, without the risks and expense that the big companies have to deal with. By using this service, you will not be burdened with the expense of having to pay for a new fleet of cars or trucks and their maintenance.


You are also probably thinking, why don’t more businesses use mobile advertising? Well, honestly I am not sure why because the return of investment is high. For a relatively low price you will get through:


  • Mobile unit constructed out of durable material. Visible day or night, rain or shine.
  • High visibility and promotion of your business
  • Effortless and constant marketing


Act today before someone else does!


Don’t let all your competitors take up space! Contact me today to find out how you can have your ad exclusively placed on the mobile billboard. These mobile units will be placed all over the US and Canada. You will get exposure to a vast population.Don’t delay as space is limited on the mobile units!


In order to maintain effectiveness of this service, I can only extend this offer for 30 days.


The mobile units are ready to go and will be in full swing by Summer 2012. Once we reach full capacity, the program will no longer be available at current pricing. In addition to great marketing of your business through the mobile units, Perpetual Partners Program will offer the following incentives to its partners:


  • Perpetual Partners Program will exclusively use services or goods of its members.
  • First right of refusal to renew agreement through Perpetual Partners Program.


You may be wondering—how do I get in on this? Reserving your spot is easy enough. All you need to do is read over the information attached, sign the agreement and pay the deposit. Three simple steps to help your business start making more money today!


Best of luck and success in your endeavors.




Robert McCuiston


Innovative Investments Inc.


P.S. Reserve your spot today. Fill out the no obligation form attached before space runs out.

If you decide not to follow through with the agreement, your money is refundable.
Say “YES” Now and Reserve Your Spot at Perpetual Partners Program!


Please check all that apply. (Remember, there is no obligation but please reply only if you are serious about this business opportunity)


       Count me in! Enclosed is my credit card information to reserve my spot as one of the limited participants. By sending this I am guaranteeing an interest to be in Perpetual Partners Program. I understand that, if after I receive more information, I chose not to participate there will be no charge against my card.

       I currently am not interested in this service but would like to receive updates on others like it.

       I am basically interested. Enclosed is a check for $?  to hold my spot in this business venture. By sending you this $  check I am guaranteeing a spot in Perpetual Partners Program. I understand that, if after I receive more information, I can then decline and receive my check back uncashed.



Name ___________________________________________________________________


Address _________________________________________________________________


City ____________________________________________________________________


State ___________________________________________________________________


Phone __________________________________________________________________


Credit Card # (if paying by credit card) _______________________________________



Please return form to:


Innovative Investments Inc.

P.O. Box 574

Ault, Colorado 80610-0574


888-213-4535 FAX


How to Spot the Top 7 Resume′ Lies

When the job market is tight and jobs are tough to come by, applicants desperate for work will resort to lying about:

  • Job Title (Rank)
  • Dates of Employment
  • Inflated Salary
  • Criminal Records
  • Education (e.g. Bogus Degrees-Diploma Mills)
  • Professional License (e.g. MD, RN, CPA, etc.)
  • “Ghost” Company (self-owned business)


The best way to identify the top 7 resume′ lies is to do a thorough background pre-screening of all prospective employees. Ideally, an employment pre-screening should be left to a professional employee screening company that has the experience and skills to perform a thorough employment background screening, including a criminal records search.

Job Title (Rank)

 The main reason candidates embellish a job title is to promote themselves into a senior position. Rather than work their way up the ranks they give themselves a promotion, which is usually attached to an inflated raise. A thorough reference check will usually reveal these self-promoters.

Dates of employment

Some errors involving dates of employment are understandable, others questionable.

When an employee is caught adding years to his tenure at a company this raises issues, such as the reasons for shorter tenure and the possibility he is covering “employment gaps.” In this situation a thorough reference check will reveal any inconsistencies.

Inflated Salary

One of the reasons employees inflate their salaries is because it is difficult to get a salary verification from past employers due to confidentiality issues. Sneaky employees are aware of this and use it to their advantage. A match against the verification of past job  titles through a reference check will help catch this type of job applicant.

Criminal Records

One of the main reasons job applicants will sometimes lie about their criminal history is fear of a rejected job application. They will lie regardless of how petty or serious the crime was.

A more serious reason is the actual covering of criminal activity with the intent to repeat the criminal behavior in a new position. Examples may be a daycare applicant who has been charged or convicted of molestation or the accountant who stole from a previous employer. It is important that all employees go through a criminal background screening.

Education (e.g. Bogus Degrees-Diploma Mills)

Graduating yourself seems to be a popular lie on resumes′. Other times the applicant has basically stolen another person’s identity by “borrowing” information on a resume′. It is important to verify an educational background so that identity thieves are avoided.

Professional License (e.g. MD, RN, CPA, etc.)

Just as some applicants are “graduating” themselves, they are adding unearned titles to their names. This will usually go hand in hand with the “bogus” diploma or fake education on the resume′. It is doubly important for an employer to verify education as avoiding this step can land an employer in court and in huge financial trouble due to negligent hiring lawsuits. This is especially important in the medical field.

“Ghost” Company (self-owned business)

A “ghost company” is a made up company or employer by a job applicant. It is added to a resume′ or job application to appear more experienced or to cover gaps in an employment history. Some applicants will use “ghost companies” to cover up gaps of employment due to incarceration. A criminal background screening is needed to uncover this possibility.

Identifying the top 7 resume′ lies

According to a survey, only 5% of workers actually admit to fibbing on their resumes, but 57% of hiring managers say they have caught a lie on a candidate’s application. Hiring a pre-employment background-screening agency is one of the best ways an employer can help avoid unethical employees, employees with a criminal background and financial loss!

Can I Apply For US Citizenship If I File For Bankruptcy?

There is no immigration law, statute, or regulation that specifically forbids individuals who have filed for bankruptcy from applying for naturalization. Filing for bankruptcy will not necessarily disqualify you from becoming a US citizen.* Basically, the Department of Homeland Security list the following general requirements for naturalization as:

  • A period of continuous residence and physical presence in the United States.
  • Residence in a particular USCIS District prior to filing.
  • An ability to read, write and speak English.
  • A knowledge and understanding of U.S. history and government.
  • Good moral character.
  • Attachment to the principles of the U.S. Constitution.
  • Favorable disposition toward the United States.

Depending on the circumstances, the Department of Homeland Security, in its wide discretion, may deem filing for bankruptcy as proof of poor moral character.  Therefore, it may be wise for you to consult with an experienced bankruptcy attorney to discuss the procedures and implications of filing for bankruptcy.

If you are a resident of Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington, Garland, Rowlett, Mesquite and Plano contact Dallas bankruptcy law firm, Fears | Nachawati, toll free at 1.866.705.7584 or to discuss your options for filing bankruptcy.


*For more information on naturalization visit


What Botox Can Do for You!

Botox® is a diluted form of the botulinum protein. Since the 1990s, many people have been injected with Botox® without any long-term negative effects. It is a safe and effective way to remove the creases that show up on foreheads, crows feet and vertical wrinkles that can appear on an upper lip.

Botox® is not a permanent solution and follow-up visits about three to six months apart are needed to keep the wrinkles from reappearing. A consultation with Carmel, Indiana area dermatologist Dr. Shideler will help you decide how many Botox® treatments are needed.

Is Botox® painful?

Botox® is relatively painless as it is delivered by a quick injection and there is a very short recovery time. There may be mild discomfort when the doctor administers the injections. Some patients report some slight soreness and bruising that may appear a few days after the treatment.

Most patients return to work or other activities right after a Botox® treatment.
How Does Botox® Work?

A Botox® injection weakens the muscles that cause the wrinkles. Weakening the muscle that causes the wrinkles to form creates dramatic improvement in appearance that can be seen within 2-7 days. It rarely interferes with facial expressions.

How Long Does The Botox® Treatment Last?

The muscles weakened by a Botox® injection will eventually regain their strength and the wrinkles may reappear. You can expect a Botox® treatment to last for three months but can last for six months for some patients.

Dr. Shideler has been selected as a member of the Botox National Training Center,one of a select few nationwide designated to train other physicians. To learn more about Botox® treatments, call Shideler Dermatology today at 317-846-2396 to set up a consultation.

The 13 Haunts of San Diego

59071jjdkuf174jSan Diego is known for its amazing coastline, sunshine, an average temperature of 72 degrees and little rainfall. Of course, not all of San Diego is warm. Some of the “hottest” spots are the chilliest! What most people do not realize is San Diego is one of the most haunted cities in America. So get ready because today we visit the “old haunts” of San Diego.

Begin your day in Old Town where you will explore a multitude of supposedly haunted locations including your first stop at the Whaley House. Listed by the United States Department of Commerce as an authentic haunted house, it was built on the site of early San Diego’s public gallows. It is home to numerous deaths, angry confrontations, several ghosts and unexplained phenomena. The ghost of Thomas Whaley has been reported to be seen on the second floor landing, dressed in a black frock coat and wide-brimmed hat.

A short walk from the Whaley House is the Roman Catholic El Campo Santo Cemetery that dates back to 1849. In 1889 a horse-drawn streetcar line was built through part of the cemetery, which later became San Diego Avenue. In 1942 it was finally paved over, leaving 18 graves under the street and sidewalk. Spirits observed here are often mistaken for park employees that dress up in period costume. People who leave their cars parked in front of the cemetery-on top of the many graves-often find them hard to start afterwards. You may want to take the trolley instead! 477 bodies were buried at this cemetery, but it seems that their spirits have strayed outside their walls.

Next on the list of haunted Old Town spots is The Robinson-Rose House: a replica of the house originally built in 1853. The building is currently used as the Visitor Center for San Diego’s Old Town Historic Park. It also said to house the ghost of at least one of the original residents. Constructed on the foundation of the original house, one of the chief phenomena in this house is the unpredictable nature of the electricity. Electric lights flicker and go on and off on their own! No electrician has ever found anything wrong with the wiring or lights. Well, except that they turn on and off on their own…

La Casa de Estudillo is an adobe home built in 1827. It was restored in 1910 for the commander of the Presidio, Captain José Maria Estudillo. Father Antonio Ubach was a priest living there at the time. He is said to live on as one of the ghosts of La Casa. In the dark chapel a chill has been felt as a ghostly figure covered in a brown robe is seen gliding into the priest’s bedroom. Pages of a book turn by themselves and the faint sound of prayers can be heard.

For those looking for more than just “good eats” head to close by El Fandango Restaurant for lunch. It was built on the site of the Machado home that was destroyed by fire in 1858. Over the years, a billiard saloon, a bakery and then a residence were built on this spot. The ghost that is seen here is that of a Victorian woman dressed in white drifting or floating through the building. Sometimes she has been known to pass through walls and closed doors and seems to be unaware of those who encounter her.

Afterward, and just a few steps away is the Casa de Bandini Restaurant. From 1829 this was the home of Juan Bandini and his family. In the 1860’s it became the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Most recently it served as the Casa de Bandini Restaurant, which has since been closed. Maybe the ghosts there no longer want visitors? Actually, the closure was due to a lease renewal issue. Or was it? By the way when Casa de Bandini Restaurant finds a new home it is definitely worth checking out. The food and drinks are delicious! I will miss the giant “Margarita” fountain!

Next, head out of Old Town to the Star of India. You will need to drive or for fun catch the trolley to this location. Located near the San Diego International Airport, the Star of India-built in 1863 in the Isle of Man-is the world’s oldest active iron-hull sailing ship. Life aboard any ship is dangerous, and the Star of India has had her share of misfortunes. Ghosts of several unfortunate sailors and passengers are said to still remain aboard the ship. One story dates back to 1884 when a young stowaway still in his teens by the name of John Campbell was discovered and put to work. Soon after, Campbell lost his footing high in the rigging and fell 100 feet to the deck. His legs were crushed. Three days later he died and was buried at sea. Visitors to this ship sometimes report feeling a chilled hand touching them when close to the mast where Campbell fell. Or is it Campbell himself?

For those bold and gutsy individuals who dare to continue on this spirited day, head to the Gaslamp Quarter to visit the William Heath Davis House. Constructed by Davis in 1850, the house remains the oldest structure in what is now downtown San Diego. The spirit of an unknown Victorian woman has been reported to still reside there today.

In 1977 a San Diego newspaper article featured interviews with the occupants of the house. They reported stories of the lights going on and off by themselves. What’s so unusual about this story is that the house was not wired for electricity until 1988. The lights that went on and off were either gas or coal oil lamp flames–requiring a match to light! Even now, the house continues to have unexplained events related to its lighting. Officials of the Gaslamp Quarter Historical Foundation report the electric lights turning on without human help.

Off the beaten path is The Point Loma Lighthouse. Perched on a windy finger of land, the lighthouse overlooks the Pacific Ocean on one side, and San Diego Bay on the other. Built in 1855, it was abandoned before the turn of the century. It has been vacant for over 100 years–but don’t think it isn’t occupied! On the first floor, everything appears normal. But all is not what it seems. Former lighthouse keeper Robert Israel is not seen, but is heard at times. Along with the ghost of Robert Israel, there is no doubt many more who seek out the lighthouse as a beacon to happier times.

If you are visiting in October you can end the evening with a fun but equally intense haunting such as The Haunted Hotel at 424 Market St. and the Frightmare on Market Street at 530 Market (corner of Sixth and Market). These two innocent-looking, old buildings in the Gaslamp Quarter are transformed every year into walk-through horror house screamfests. The two buildings are down the block from each other. Both haunted houses feature spooky special effects and live action rooms that are disturbingly surreal. Get ready to get lost in Frightmare’s Victorian freakout with trap doors galore and monsters that stand toe to toe with you while screaming in your face! Not recommended for the little ghouls and boys!

If you want to extend your haunted day into an even spookier night, San Diego has no shortage of great hotels to stay in. Among them is one of the largest wooden buildings in the United States, the Hotel Del Coronado. Located in Coronado it is one of the most picturesque hotels in the world and one of San Diego’s most popular tourist attractions. But before you book a room you may want to read on…

Affectionately nicknamed Hotel Del, this grand hotel has a history of tragedy. Before 1900, two women had separately committed suicide, each taking with them the life of an unborn child. Story has it that the women’s ghosts have never really checked out.

The first story revolves around Room 502 (now 3502) was rumored to be the love nest of hotel builder and owner E. S. Babcock. The ill-fated mistress staying in this room took her own life soon after learning she was with child. Today, lights sometimes flicker in the room, and outside the door, a chill may be felt.

The next tale dates back to Thanksgiving 1892 when a pregnant Kate Morgan checked herself into the hotel under the name of Lottie Anderson Bernard. She spent 5 lonely nights in room 312 anxiously waiting for her wayward husband to join her. (The room number later changed to 3312, and recently to 3327). Her body and a handgun were found near the steps leading to the beach.

Another hotel with a haunting is the Horton Grand Hotel. This Victorian hotel was lovingly reconstructed on the former site of Ida Bailey’s “cat house” in the heart of the Gaslamp’s historic red light district. At the time, a favorite haunt of Wyatt Earp, the hotel is now the supposed haunting ground of the ghost of a mid-1800’s gambler by the name of Roger A. Whittaker. Roger who was caught cheating in a game of cards.

He tried to hide in an armoire in his hotel room–room number 309. Unfortunately he was soon found and shot to death by an angry gunman. There have been many reports of the bed shaking, lights going on and off by themselves, objects moved by unseen hands and armoire doors opening in the middle of the night. The temperature of the room sometimes gets uncomfortably warm, even for San Diego! Even air-conditioning and open windows don’t help. Every room in the Horton Grand Hotel has a bedside diary for guests to memorialize their stay. For those brave enough to have stayed in room 309 the diary includes recounts of ghostly encounters. Maybe you will be the next one to enter your experiences in that journal?

San Diego’s frightening history has not scared anyone away so far. With one of the most amazing coastlines in all of the country, very few cities in the U.S. can match the scenic views, beaches and weather San Diegans enjoy every day!


What & Where:

The Whatley House (2476 San Diego Ave.; 619-297-7511)
Roman Catholic El Campo Santo Cemetery (San Diego Avenue at the corner of Conde St)
The Robinson-Rose House (4002 Wallace St; 619-220-5422)
La Casa de Estudillo (4001 Mason St.; 619-220-5422)
El Fandango Restaurant (2734 Calhoun St; 619-298-2860)
Casa de Bandini Restaurant (2754 Calhoun St)
Star of India (1492 North Harbor Dr; 619-234-9153)
William Heath Davis House (410 Island Ave at the corner of 4th Ave
Hotel Del Coronado (1500 Orange Ave, Coronado; 619-435-6611
Horton Grand Hotel (311 Island Ave; 619-544-1886)

Helpful Hint: Please note that most of these homes and locations are open to public at little or no cost. Be sure to call in advance for more specific information on the tours and hours and days they are open.


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How to Double the Odds of Getting a Job

No need to tell you that a job search in Las Vegas can wear even the most seasoned job seeker. In fact, you might think you have a better chance of making money from playing the slots. So it’s no surprise to me that when people find out I worked in Human Resources for 18 years, the question asked over and over again is, “How do I get a job?”

The truth is that by following a few simple suggestions, you can greatly improve your chances of getting hired. In fact, you need to if you really want to stay ahead of the competition. Once you get into the habit of following these steps, it will be so easy you will wonder why you never did it before. You might already be doing a few of them, but read on to get more helpful tips to double the odds in your search for a job.

The first thing you should do is to carefully read the job posting. Take the time to read the job posting for two reasons: It will help you understand what the employer is looking, or at least hoping for, and it will guide you on how to write your resume’.  Recruiters are looking for a match as close as possible to the job description. The closer you match your resume’ to the position, the more likely you will get called in for a phone or in person interview.

Regardless of what you do for a living, you will need a strong resume’. There are many free resume’ templates available online. If you are having problems writing a resume’, consider hiring a professional resume’ writer. There are many writers out there who are willing to work within your budget. Few things put off a recruiter more than a resume’ that is written in a confusing way or has poor grammar. You should also avoid including irrelevant personal information, such as hobbies or family information. Whether you write the resume’ yourself or hire someone, make sure it’s clear and to the point. Also, keep in mind that many employers hire pre-employment screeners to verify the information, so be sure that your resume’ is factual as well.

A valuable tip that most people overlook is to sign up for work. If you have been eyeing a company, create an applicant profile by leaving your resume’ on their website. By doing this you will be the first in line when recruiters start looking through resumes’ to fill job openings. Don’t stop there. Go on job search sites such as Monster and and post your resume’ there as well. Be sure to go back every few weeks and update your resume’ so you remain visible and available to recruiters.

As a former recruiter I recommend that you get to know the company you want to work for. Go on their website and read their mission statement and the company’s history. This will help you decide if you want to work there. Network with employees by attending face to face job fairs. Getting to know the company and its culture will also help you answer the age old interview question, “Why do you want to work here?”

So you have followed some of my suggestions and you got the interview. Make a great impression by showing up a few minutes early. Plan ahead by getting directions in advance and leaving early to account for unexpected traffic delays. Murphy’s Law that something will happen on the way to the interview, so be prepared.  Dress conservatively as if you are going to church and be polite to everyone you meet during your job interview. Sounds a bit old fashioned, but these tips are time tested.

Whether you think the job interview went well, or not, you can still improve your chances on getting that job by following up after the interview. Send a thank you note. This lets the employer know you are still interested in the position. It will also make you stand out among the other applicants because most people don’t bother to do this. I can count the number of thank you letters on one hand that I received from applicants. It shows follow up and self direction, a quality employers always appreciate.

And last but not least, save this article and use it when you are applying for a job. By following a combination or all of these simple tips you will impress the recruiter and increase the odds in getting your foot in the door and landing the job. Best of luck in your search!

Can also be seen at The Las Vegas Guardian Express Newspaper                                                                                                                                                                        (PAGE 7)

What is Revision Rhinoplasty?

Revision or secondary rhinoplasty is the facial plastic surgery procedure performed to correct problems resulting from previous rhinoplasty surgery. The most common and most challenging need for revision rhinoplasty occurs when too much tissue was removed at the previous surgery.

For most rhinoplasty patients problems are minor and can be handled by the original plastic surgeon. The revision rate for rhinoplasty even in the best of hands is between 5-10%. In the event a major deformity it may be better to pursue your second surgery with an experienced facial plastic surgeon in revision rhinoplasty such as Dr. Benjamin Light.

Board Certified by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Benjamin Light has over 10 years experience in revision rhinoplasty as well as many other facial plastic surgery procedures.

Revision Rhinoplasty challenges

When surgery is performed the second or third time, it is usually much more complex than the original surgical procedure. The natural anatomy of the nose has been reshaped, cartilage has been removed and breathing may be altered. The nasal structure will usually be encased in scar tissue as a result of a previous surgery or surgeries. During a revision rhinoplasty surgery the normal structures will be resculpted.

Often there is a need to rebuild the structure of the nose and therefore pieces of cartilage either from the nasal septum, ear or rib are sometimes required. Some surgeons prefer to use implants such as synthetic materials in a revision rhinoplasty. Some of the more common materials used include gortex, medpore and hard silicone.

Dr. Light’s general philosophy is to always use the patient’s own cartilage if it is available. However, some patients require an implant or injectable in a revision rhinoplasty. Some of the  injectable fillers used to fill in small defects left after rhinoplasty include Restylane®, Artecoll® and Radiesse®.

To find out if you are a good candidate for revision rhinoplasty, request a consultation with Dr. Benjamin Light. For more information contact Decatur, Alabama area Renaissance Facial Plastic Surgery center today for a consultation 1-866-239-FACE (3223).